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What are Angel Numbers?

What are Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are recurring number sequences like 11:11, 222, 333, 444 or even 1616 or 2424 that carry meaning and symbolism from the angels.

Do you keep seeing the same numbers over and over?

Numbers are everywhere. Every day, we observe numbers on clocks, cell phones, license plates, store receipts, street addresses, etc.

If you see a number or sequence of numbers repeatedly, over a short period of time, and you have a strong feeling when seeing that specific number or sequence of numbers, it is most likely an Angel Number.

For example, you may be waking up at 4:44 a.m. every morning. And then you notice that you always look at your phone at a certain time – such as 4:44 p.m. You buy an item at the store and the total is $4.44. It may seem like this number is following you!

While this could be a coincidence, it is more likely that this number is a special message from the angelic realm. The Angels (your angels) are trying to get your attention and share important advice with you.

Why do Angels use numbers to communicate?

Angels cannot interfere directly in your life as it would violate the principle of free will, but what they can do is send you important messages that will aid you on your path to becoming your true self.

Angels are divine beings of pure truth, light, and love. They vibrate at such a high frequency that humans cannot see or directly communicate with them in our everyday experience.

So, to make contact with us, the angels will use signs, symbols, synchronicity, and numbers to send us divine guidance and messages of love and support.

Numbers express the very building blocks of life. Everything can be reduced down to math and mathematical formulas. There are patterns in nature that can be expressed through very elegant numerical formulas. Numbers are universal, and they show up everywhere. Numbers carry an energetic vibration and pattern. 

It’s because of the universal use of numbers that Angels use them to communicate with us.

How can Angel Numbers help you?

Angel Numbers are secret codes that contain information to help you.

By learning the meaning of the numbers, you will be able to receive the message your angels have for you.  If you tune into the numbers, you will understand what things in your life need attention or adjustments.

These angelic messages are meant to inspire, support, guide and help you. They are always positive and never negative.

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