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Guardian Angels

The Bible refers to angels 248 times. And yet, there are rarely any sermons on angelology.

The subject of angels is relegated to the realm of the mythical, weird, spectral, and unknown.

For example, Judges 13:19 “and the angel did wondrously.”

Guardian angels are spiritual beings that are believed to provide protection, guidance, and support to humans. They are typically associated with various spiritual and religious traditions, and are often seen as messengers from the divine or the spiritual realm. While different traditions may have slightly different views on guardian angels, here are some common beliefs and characteristics associated with them:

  1. Protection: Guardian angels are often seen as protective beings who watch over us and help to keep us safe from harm.
  2. Guidance: They are also seen as sources of guidance and support, who can provide us with insight, wisdom, and inspiration.
  3. Individuality: Many people believe that each person has their own unique guardian angel, who is assigned to them from birth and remains with them throughout their life.
  4. Free will: Guardian angels are believed to respect our free will and do not interfere with our choices or decisions, but rather provide us with guidance and support to help us make the best choices for ourselves.
  5. Communication: While guardian angels are often seen as subtle and non-intrusive beings, some people believe that they can communicate with us in various ways, such as through signs, dreams, or intuitive insights.

Overall, the concept of guardian angels can provide a sense of comfort and reassurance, as well as a reminder of the spiritual support and guidance that is available to us.

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